What do you want to do when you grow up? We have all heard some rendition of this question and for some of us, we simply don’t know. Not knowing the answer isn’t a problem, not knowing where to start can be. This resource section is full of ways to help you decide what your next step in education or career training might be, where to attain it, and how to get support along your path. We recommend moving through Motivate, Whatcom County Careers, Explore, and Support in that order so that you can maximize the benefits of these tools. To learn about each resource simply click the words highlighted in green.


Motivate: getting to know you

It can be daunting to pinpoint or narrow down an area of study, or find a career pathway that resonates with your skill-set without a lot of experience. If you find yourself in that description it can be useful to engage in some personal reflection tools, such as through these links, as well as talking with advisers and people who know you. We are sharing tools that you may use to develop curiosity and increase your awareness around your abilities and strengths. It’s not recommended that these tools be used as a firm diagnosis of fixed personality traits or career pathways. We view these surveys as interesting guides for exploring facets of your personality and would encourage you to view them with curiosity, as no test, no matter how good could fully capture the entirety of a person. Here you will also find a link to download your high school and beyond plan (it’s a graduation requirement, so you may as well do it now).


Whatcom County Careers

Are you currently looking for a job and curious about what careers are in demand in Whatcom County? Do you know which major will lead to your dream job? Here are some helpful resources online and in our community: connecting your strengths and post-secondary education plans to your next steps or long term goals in career attainment. We also feature a brief overview of the key-sector jobs that are anticipated to have the highest growth in the coming years.


Explore: local education and training programs

There are no on-size-fits-all plans for career and educational pathways, so we have included a bit of everything so that you can help find what is right for you. In this section you will find information about apprenticeships, Job Corps, military careers and our five local colleges: Bellingham Technical College, Northwest Indian College, Skagit Valley Community College, Western Washington University, and Whatcom Community College.

Support: people, places, and websites to help get you to where you are going

As much as we love a good do it yourself project, your future career and training shouldn’t be a mystery, and you certainly don’t have to know it all or do it yourself. In this section we have compiled resources to help you find scholarships, access FAFSA/WASFA information as well as local people and websites that can help with coaching, tutoring, testing support, and more.


This resource section is proudly funded by the Alcoa Foundation, Superfeet and the Whatcom Community Foundation.

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