95% of FuturesNW students over the past four years have been admitted to a college of their choice immediately after high school, a rate 2x higher than the national/state average for low-income students. 


Our Commitment

How to get into and pay for college shouldn’t be a secret. Our mission is to level the college playing field and empower students from underserved communities to achieve their career and college dreams. 

  Futures NW Programs Available to Students and their Families

Futures NW Programs Available to Students and their Families


  • I’m Going to College- Workshops for middle school students with an emphasis on seeing yourself as a college graduate. Includes panels with high school students sharing their experiences, exploring different kinds of college classes with college outreach counselors, and perseverance experiences.
  • Financial Literacy- Workshops for families to help them be able to navigate the financial planning needed to pay for college. 
  • QuickStart – 2.5 summer camp that gives high school seniors the jump on the college application process. 


  • Academic Mentoring- Intensive support for students who are interested in going to college but need additional support to be academically successful. 
  • Family Engagement- Small groups of high school staff and college experts help guide parents through the college planning process for their child. 
  • Leadership – Opportunities for high school students to develop critical leadership skills while supporting their community. 
  • College Advising – Individualized planning for each student that helps them through the college selection and application process. 
  • Summer Connections – Transition support for high school seniors as they move from their high school to their college campus.

What We've Achieved

  • 90% increase for freshmen students passing all classes (2014-2015)
  • 60% increase for sophomores and juniors passing all classes (2014-2015) 
  • 97% of the students in the QuickStart program complete a FAFSA as compared to less than 30% of students statewide (2011- 2014)
  • 97% of the students in past QuickStart program apply to college as compared to 55% of their low-income peers (2011-2014)