The Whatcom Job Training Center & Education Center

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Goodwill: The Whatcom Job Training Center & Education Center

“We offer FREE classes in a wide range of subjects, including English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Computers, High School Completion (GED, HS21+) and Work Readiness. We want to help you find the perfect class, so stop by our office to speak with us one-on-one. Please note you must register for classes before the session begins.”


1115 E Sunset Dr, Bellingham, WA 98226

High School Completions, Testing Support, & Sector Navigation

Danny Bennett


Johnson O’Malley Program (JOM)

photo credit: Laurie Winters

photo credit: Laurie Winters

The Johnson O’Malley Program

The JOM program is for Lummi Nation students who would like help with tutoring, transportation, class fees, running start books, gas cards, or graduation costs.


2608 A Kwina Road

Bellingham WA 98226

Candy Jefferson (Interim Director)

Alexandria Mackel (Parent Coordinator)

Megan Kennedy (Tutor Coordinator)

Native Pathways to College 

Signing up for the Native Pathways to College program includes guidance and resources for native students such as on-site visits to colleges, coaching and workshops (joining is free).


Lisa Redsteer (Native Pathways High School Relations Coordinator)


Shoshaunee Perez (Native Pathways to College Bridge Program, NWIC first year experience advisor)

(360) 392-4243

New Pathways Coaching

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New Pathways Coaching

Teens and twenty-somethings, you have key decisions to make about colleges, careers, & every day living. Career and Life Coaching helps you be successful!

Kathryn Greene


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Northwest Youth Services

We collaborate with at-risk, runaway and homeless youth to foster self-reliance.

Employment and Education

“We support youth in identifying their personal goals for the future and and building the skills necessary to reach their own sense of stability.”


1020 North State Street

Bellingham, WA. 98225


Pinpoint College Planning

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Michele McNamee, the founder of Pinpoint College Planning, is committed to helping students and their families navigate the college application process and make informed decisions. As a mother of two boys, Michele became interested in the admissions process when her oldest son was applying to college. Knowing very little at the time, it became her goal to learn as much as she could about the process of applying to college, and her interest led her to pursue more education and certification and create Pinpoint College Planning. Michele also feels a strong sense of continuing to volunteer and support students in need with free counseling.


Michele McNamme, Independent Education Consultant

(360) 223-1464

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STEM Tutoring

“At STEM Tutoring, we focus on two aspects of learning: mastery of specific math/science content and refinement of generalized study skills. The balance between these two aspects of learning results in skills that can be applied to the specific subject at hand and to the broader educational experience as well.”


Cindy Palmer


Supplemental Education Transition Planning (SETuP) Program

“The purpose of the SETuP Program is to assist foster youth in successfully making the transition from high school to postsecondary enrollment, career, or service.”

“Students looking for more information about SETuP and other resources for foster youth are encouraged to visit our partners at

Our Local SETuP provider


Sara Rylaarsdam (Program Supervisor)

(360) 336-1610 ext. 216


Carla Arnold (Program Director)

(360) 336-1610 ext. 201


Samantha Gailey (Case Manager)

(360) 336-1610 ext. 202