Find out about our mission: who, why, and how we serve our community

When first-generation, low-income and minority populations miss the opportunity for a post-secondary education, well-paid career positions of decision-making power get filled by those with vastly different life experiences. Our region is diverse in a multitude of ways yet positions of power seem to be filled by privileged individuals. We want the interests of our entire community to be represented in well-paying jobs and for generational poverty to decrease.

The students most likely to be left out of college opportunity are first-generation, low income and ethnic minority populations, not because they lack the ability or intelligence to pursue higher education, but because they simply do not have similar privileges or opportunities to achieve it. We aim to fix this problem.

The path to higher education shouldn’t be a secret, so we make sure every student has the information and guidance they need to be succeed in high school, college, and beyond. FuturesNW was founded in 2010 to help level the playing field and empower students from under-served communities to achieve their career and college dreams. We achieve these goals through academic coaching, college advising, our summer connections program, through workshops such as QuickStart to College, Financial Literacy (FAFSA/WAFSA) Events, and through our newest programs From One to Many and Whatcom Dreams: Whatcom Jobs for Whatcom Students. All these combined, FuturesNW serves close to 1,000 students in Whatcom and Skagit County each year.