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FuturesNW was founded in 2010 to level the playing field and empower students from underserved  communities to achieve their career and college dreams. We serve close to 1,000 students in Whatcom and Skagit County each year. 

 If you ask a 3rd grade class, “Who is going to college?”, they’ll all raise their hands. But if you ask that same question in a high school class, many students already believe they aren’t going to college because they don’t have high enough grades, think that they don’t have enough money, or they and their families just don’t know how to get on that path. 

Our coaches work with 8th to 12th grade low-income, first-generation students from under-served communities and their families to build confidence, boost motivation, and provide hands-on support to help them be successful in high school and go to college. Students receive guidance in learning necessary skills and concepts for college-level study, visit campuses to meet with college students and faculty, and gain assistance with achieving strong grades, college admissions, financial aid, and scholarship applications. The path to higher education shouldn’t be a secret, so we make sure every student has the information and guidance they need to be succeed in high school, college, and beyond.